Second Hand Killers
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Petra Paukova, vocalist

has been singing her whole life. She always loved jazz, blues, rock, and many other music genres. She is a main vocalist in this band for about two years. She sings in English and sometimes in Czech. She is originally from Czech Republic.
Ted on guitar
Ted - Guitar

I started out playing drums as a kid in Detroit in 1970.
The guitar players would leave their gear in our basement, and I would pick up their guitars after everybody went home.
I eventually taught myself how to play their right-handed guitars upside down (left-handed).
My unorthodox approach to music is as intuitive as it is improvisational.
Hey, it's just the blues..... ;)
Donn on drums
Donn - drums

I am a drummer/singer from undisclosed locations.
Chewie Lucero, guitarists
Chewie Lucero, lead guitarist

Chewie relocated to Phoenix area from L.A., where he played in couple of bands. Clean, sensitive sound of his guitar is well recognized and somehow prominent feature of the band.
Bassist Sonny Boyardee
Bassist Sonny Boyardee

has been playing professionally for over thirty years. He has toured much of the US and Europe. Recently relocated to Phoenix from Portland Oregon where he is an inductee in the Cascade Blues Association Hall of Fame, and the recipient of several Muddy Awards for his work with Ellen Whyte. He is effectual and always "in the pocket", and creates a solid foundation for the band with his sensitivity and feeling.